The computer's current language setting is not allowed

You'll need to change your computer's language settings to use Exam4.

Also Note: If you are running Windows 10 Single Language Edition with a Non-English language, you will be unable to run Exam4. Click here to find out what version you are running. To run Exam4, upgrade to a supported version of Windows OS. Check Exam4 Supported Operating Systems for more information.

Set the Language for non-Unicode programs under Region Settings to "English (United States)".

Please complete ALL steps to fix this issue:

1. From the search box at bottom left corner of your Windows screen: Start typing the word "Region".

2. Select “Region settings”.


3. Scroll down to “Related settings” and click "Additional date, time & regional settings". (Windows 11 users may need to find "Administrative Language Settings" to get to the "Region" window, and then skip to #5 below.)

4. On this "Clock and Region" window - click "Change date, time, or number formats" under "Region".

5. On this "Region" window"- click on the "Administrative" Tab.

6. Click on the "Change system locale" button.

7. Make sure the “Current system locale” box is set to English (United States).

8. Click OK on each window and close all windows.

Reboot your computer, and run a practice exam.


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