The first thing to verify is that you have full administrative rights over your machine. Being logged in to a user account without admin rights can cause this error message.

This issue is more common on newer machines with 4k resolution that have been downgraded to Windows 7. What is the native resolution on your screen? You may need to decrease the resolution as a first step. Please read the information on the link here:

Your case will require a bit of patience, and trial and error. Also, every Windows machine is different, so you will need to experiment with different combinations of the settings listed below to find what works for you.

1. Adjust your display settings.

- Right click anywhere on your screen > Screen resolution >

- Under "Resolution" there is a slider > experiment with different % smaller than the one you had previously as your default

2. Adjust your DPI per the steps listed in the link.

3. When you launch Exam4, choose the large font in the third startup screen to make the typing window larger. 

Let us know if this solves your problem or if we can be of further assistance.

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