How do I make the typing window bigger? (Windows)

There are display adjustments you can make on your Windows computer that can optimize how much of the usable typing window is available in Exam4.

NOTE: You will have to restart Exam4 after changing these settings to affect what you see in the software.

1. In your Display settings, make sure your Scaling is set to 100%.

2. If you have a high resolution display, reducing your resolution may also help. Start with a resolution of about 1440x900 (keep the scaling at 100%). Adjust up or down to find what works best on your machine.

2. On start-up Screen3 in Exam4, choose the appropriate font-size to adjust the width of the typing window. A larger font-size will yield a larger typing window. Try a few exams to see what works best. We suggest choosing the Large or XL setting and adjusting from there.

To adjust the Resolution and Scaling setting:

  • Type "Display Settings" into the search window at the lower left of your screen and click where it says "Display Settings" on the right side of the pop-up window:
  • Find "Scale and layout", and change the scaling factor - try 100%.
  • If the box is grayed out, you may have to click on "turn off custom scaling" first to make this adjustment.


In Exam4, choose the Large or XL font-size on start-up Screen3 to make the typing window use more space.


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