How do I remove the helper tool?

Follow these instructions if directed by Extegrity User Support.

Restart your computer, taking care to uncheck this box when prompted:

1) Open Finder

2) Click “Go” in the Finder menu, click on "Go to folder" menu option then type in /Library into the box. (This folder is hidden by default.)


3) You'll need to delete 4 files. (To delete files, hold the Control Key while clicking the file, then select "Move to Trash" from the pop-up menu.)

3a) Delete the following files from the LaunchDaemons folder (see screenshot below):
- com.extegrity.LogTool.plist
- com.extegrity.NoInternetDuringExam.plist

3b) Delete the following files from the PrivilegedHelperTools folder (see screenshot below):
- com.extegrity.LogTool
- com.extegrity.NoInternetDuringExam


4) Restart your laptop.

5) Immediately restart your laptop a SECOND time.

6) If you have been directed to do so, download and install Exam4 again. Accept all prompts upon installation.

7) Otherwise, you should be prompted to enter your Administrator Password when running the software again.


8) Take and submit a practice exam.

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