Helper Tool Removal

Follow these instructions if directed by Extegrity User Support

Restart your computer, taking care to uncheck this box when prompted:


  • Open Finder
  • Click “Go” in the Finder menu, click on "Go to folder" menu option then type in /Library into the box. (this folder is hidden by default)


  • You'll need to delete 4 files (**To delete files, hold the Control Key while clicking the file, then select "Move to Trash" from the pop-up menu.)

  • Delete the following files from the LaunchDaemons folder
    - com.extegrity.LogTool.plist
    - com.extegrity.NoInternetDuringExam.plist

  • Delete the following files from the PrivilegedHelperTools folder
    - com.extegrity.LogTool
    - com.extegrity.NoInternetDuringExam


  • Restart your laptop.
  • If you have been directed to do so, download and install Exam4 again. Accept all prompts upon installation.

  • Otherwise, you should be prompted to enter your Administrator Password when running the software again.


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