Security Alert - MS beta UTF code

"When I try to submit on my Windows computer my progress gets stuck at 50%."

Or you may get this error message: "Security Alert: Unable to read/write exam file on disk. Do NOT proceed."

You may have a Microsoft Beta feature enabled that is interfering. This will resolve your issue:

1. Close all applications.

2. In your Windows search bar (magnifying glass on the taskbar), start typing "Control Panel" and choose the Control Panel app to open it.


2. Under "Clock and Region" click "Change Date, time or number formats."


3. Select "Administrative Tab".


4. Click the "Change system locale..." button.


5. In the "Region" window that comes up, UN-check "Beta: Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support" and click OK.


6. Click "Restart Now" when prompted.


7. Take and submit a NEW practice exam.

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