Why do I have to grant permission for my Mac to install software and use my camera?

On Apple computers you have to give each application permission to use hardware such as the camera, and allow software components to be installed.

It is VERY important that you approve all prompts for permission when installing Exam4, and then run and submit a practice exam or your exam may not be completed properly.

If you're looking for how to FIX your permissions after installation, go here: click for instructions.

MacOS may ask for these permissions when installing and running Exam4 - enter the password used to log into your Mac:

  1. Install the helper tool:Cat_HelperTool.png
  2. Allow camera access:BS_camera-access2.png
  3. You may need to allow screen recording:Cat_RecordScreen.png

Exam4 will have to be quit and restarted for the camera and screen recording permissions to take effect:


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