When running Exam4 for the first time on your Mac running macOS 10.15 or higher you will be prompted to allow Exam4 to have access to your Documents folder. If you selected 'No' to this question, you will need to correct the permissions by following the steps below.

To do this, complete the following steps:

1) Click on the Apple menu and select System Preferences.

2) Select the Security & Privacy section.

3) Click on the Privacy tab, scroll down the list on the left, and select “Files and Folders”.


4) Click the lock in the bottom left corner and enter your password to make changes.

5) Choose the Exam4 app and mark all the folders to which you want to provide access.

  • Select Documents folder to provide access to store files in this folder on your local disk.
  • Select Removable Volumes (if present) to provide access to Save to USB.


6) Click the lock to save changes.

7) After making changes in System Preferences, it is possible that a window like this may appear.


8) We advise clicking on Quit Now to complete making changes.

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