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Getting Started

What does Exam4 do?

Exam4 is like an armored word processor. While you are taking an exam, nothing else can get in or out. Exam4 turns your computer into a dedicated essay exam-taking machine, like so:

  • First, enter information about your exam via a short start-up sequence.
  • Next, a blank word processor screen where you type your exam. No frills - one typeface (Courier), basic editing functions, and a timer and word counter. You won't be able to copy-and-paste from any other files on your computer.
  • Exam4 auto-saves every 10 seconds plus an additional failsafe backup every 2 minutes, so you never have to worry. Just type your exam, with no distractions.
  • When you're done, submit your exam electronically, or save to a USB flash drive or other designated location and hand it in. That's it.

Who gets to use it? Do I have to pay? What does it cost?

It depends:

  • If your institution has arranged to use and support Exam4 you'll be notified about those details.
  • If not, you can still try out a free evaluation version. If you like it, contact us and we'll talk to your exam administrators.

How do I download and install? Is it a hassle?

Extegrity has worked hard to make Exam4 not only the easiest exam software to install, but possibly the easiest software of any kind you'll ever install. You download directly from a special web page for your institution. It should take only a few seconds over a high-speed connection. To download, click on your institution type at left and follow the instructions.

Where's my receipt?

Extegrity does not issue receipts for payments made through this website; you get them directly from PayPal. Most people set their PayPal account preferences to automatically email them a receipt. To view the receipt, go to www.paypal.com and log back in to your account. The first or second screen will be your "Personal Account Overview." The transaction regarding Extegrity will appear on the list. Click the "Completed" link to pull up your receipt and print it out. If you don't have a PayPal account, and paid without opening one, search your email (including spam folders) and then contact Paypal for assistance.

What is your refund policy?

Extegrity User Support will make all reasonable efforts to assist with installation and operation of software when timely requested, and accordingly we have a strict "no refund" policy. Verified overpayments will be corrected.


Taking Exams

What are these startup screens about?

Extegrity has carefully designed these screens to be stepwise and self-explanatory. If you have an area of the slightest confusion, or a suggestion for further improvement, please contact us.

How do I take a practice exam?

Taking a practice exam is about making sure Exam4 runs as expected on your computer, and it gives you a chance to become familiar with the interface. Launch Exam4 and follow the on-screen instructions. There is no "practice exam question", just a blank page where you type your exam answer. For the Exam ID, use any two- or three-digit number. For the Exam Mode, enter CLOSED. The exam file will be encrypted and you will not be able to open it. If you have typed a lengthy practice exam and would like a printout, see your exam administrator.

How do I recover a lost bar exam practice ID?

Use this link to recover your practice ID.

Does the word processor have a   function?

Exam4's word processor provides the basic functions you need to take an exam. All functions are in the menus.

Why no spelling checker? (some institutions)

The decision whether or not to allow use of the spelling checker is made by your institution.

What do I do if my computer freezes or crashes?

First, take a deep breath, it'll be OK. Then:

  • Leave the computer in its crashed or frozen state so you can show it to your instructor/proctor. This means: don't force-quit (Alt-Ctrl-Del) the application; don't shut down or restart your computer.
  • Call your instructor/proctor over immediately so they can restart you.

Why is cut/copy/paste and/or the mouse disabled? (some institutions)

A few institutions require cut/copy/paste to be disabled. This makes it so the mouse does not control the cursor within the text window. Use the arrow keys to move the cursor in the text window. Sometimes, such as after a popup box appears during an exam, you may need to click the Tab key to get the cursor to reappear in the text window.


Saving and Submitting Exams

Where's a backup copy of my exam? Can I look at it?

Exam4 saves backup copies on your hard drive that can be retreived if your submitted exam is damaged or lost. CLOSED and OPEN Exam Modes save only encrypted copies of your exam answer - your exam administrators can read it, but you won't be able to.

How can I make a backup copy of all of my exams?

Browse to the folder C:\Exam40 (Windows) or Documents\Exam4 (Mac) on your hard drive. Make a zipped/compressed copy of that folder and save it to a flash drive, email it to yourself, or duplicate by any other method you like.

How can I email a copy of my exam to an administrator?

Compose your email message, then click the button or select the menu item that allows you to insert or attach a file. Browse to the folder C:\Exam40 (Windows) or Documents\Exam4 (Mac) on your hard drive. All your exams are there, with long filenames that will make it easy to find the one you are looking for. Attach both the exam file AND the backup folder that has the same name as the exam.


Technical Info & Requirements

Computer hardware and operating system requirements

Exam4 requires a laptop or desktop computer with:

  • 25 MB free hard disk space (a very small amount).
  • Full administrative control over your laptop (Institutionally controlled laptop usually do not).
  • Network connection and/or working USB port (as required by your institution).
  • All Apple Macintosh computers MUST have a working built-in WiFi Connection.
  • A supported operating system:
    • Windows 10
    • Windows 8 (and 8.1)
    • Windows 7
    • Apple OS X 10.11 "El Capitan"
    • Apple OS X 10.10 "Yosemite"
    • Apple OS X 10.9 "Mavericks"

Please note that the following operating systems and hardware configurations are NOT supported:

  • Apple Macintosh OS X 10.8 "Mountain Lion" and earlier
  • Apple iDevices (iPad, iPhone, etc.)
  • Windows Vista and earlier (incl. XP)
  • Microsoft Surface (RT versions)
  • Linux
  • Chromebooks
  • Virtual operating systems (VMs)
  • Anything else not specifically listed as supported above

Firewall preventing download?

If you have a firewall that prevents download of [ .exe ] files, right-click on the Exam4 download link, then click on "Save Target As…"

Why does the software say "expired"?

Have you downloaded recently? If not, re-register and re-download as before. When you install the new copy of Exam4 it will overwrite the old copy automatically. If you still get an "expired" message, check your Date and Time settings to make sure your computer's clock is set correctly. If it still comes up "expired" contact User/Tech Support via the form at the bottom of this page.


Operating System Updates

Why are new Macintosh/Windows OS updates not supported immediately?

Exam software is a mission-critical application. Compatibility with operating system updates requires detailed review, possible programming modifications, and rigorous testing. This takes time. Extegrity initiates the process using developer preview versions typically provided for OS updates. However, Apple and Microsoft have been known to make substantive changes in final consumer releases, necessitating an additional cycle of review and testing after release.

How long will it take?

It depends on what we find. At a minimum, for minor updates with no issues found, it takes a couple of weeks. Major updates take longer to review. If programming modifications are required, even more time will be needed.

What should I do?

It's good practice to check compatibility of software that's crucial to you before updating your computer. If you've already updated, there's still a chance we will announce support. To find out, check your institution’s Exam4 download page starting about two weeks before exams. If a version for your OS hasn’t been posted, use the time to make arrangements to borrow a laptop that can run the software.


Contact User/Tech Support

Do you have phone support?

No. Email support is the standard for customer service in all but the largest companies. Email is quick, orderly and easy to track. We know we can count on our users to write concise, detailed queries and we are usually able to respond within 24 hours, often much faster. In the very rare case you have an issue that would be more easily handled by phone, we will be able to determine that after a couple of email exchanges. Please use the form below.

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